How to Create Cartoons and How they Influence People

Experts have varied answers concerning when cartoon as an art was invented. But one thing all of them agree with is the fact that animation is one of the earliest forms of art to ever exist. - Funny Animations

Historical evidence show that human ancestors utilized basic equipment such as charcoal and paint to draw on rocks as one of their social habits. As mankind evolved, this kind of artwork also improved and became better and more presentable. Due to the advancement in technology during the start of the sixteenth century, animation also developed with brighter and better images. In old books especially the Holy Bible, these images were used as illustrations. The very first animation in motion was drawn in 1640 by Athanasius Kitcher, a native of Germany.This marked the start of an art form that has grown to one of the biggest sectors in media nowadays.

Creating Animation

From the time the first cartoon drawing was created, it has continued to fascinate lots of artists and was able to grow to one of the most lucrative forms of artwork today. A big percentage of Walt Disney Pictures’ annual profits comes from amusing cartoon videos, animation, distribution and production. A few of the outstanding animations like for example Cinderella and Snow White are still famous until now.

So how are these animations made?

To start with, you should have a really good storyline. You can make your original storyline or base it on a book, movie or historical event. After that, you have to know how long you would like your animated cartoons to be. This would require a a lot of editing and adjustment on the original storyline to make it to your preferred duration. Humorous Animations, Humorous cartoon Videos could be as long as 2 hours or short five minutes presentation for you tube posts. You must also think of your target audience. If you are creating cartoons for kids then utilize basic words and no foul language.

The above are only the preliminaries. The most crucial phase is the design stage. If you are an experienced graphic designer, you could get it done on your own. For someone who does not have such skill, employing a graphic artist is a good option. There are different types of animation software programs that you should familiarize with such as 3D and 2D computer animation, stop motion among others. Learn to combine two different types to make an excellent cartoon animation. One that's easy to learn and use is cel animation. Do not forget to include sound effect in the animation.

Impact of animation on people

Lots of kids all around the world find cartoons really fascinating. Cartoons are extremely well-known amongst children because they're presented in a simple and humorous way which makes it easier for them to relate to. Lots of cartoon companies create cartoons which have heroic themes with a good guy fighting the bad guys and saving the victim. Such stories other than being fascinating to kids instills a sense of morality, teaching them that bad things attract consequences and good things are awarded and recognized. Cartoons could also stimulate the feelings of kids. Fairy tale stories like the Cinderella story teach children about real love and makes them awaken their feelings. However, some physiologist are raising issues about negative impact of cartoons on kids. Due to competing TV channels; mischief, playing tricks on parents, violent scenes and other less innocent storylines are introduced in cartoons. Lots of parents think that these types of storylines have an adverse effect on kids.

How to Use Software to Make Animation

With advancement in technology, you no longer need to be a graphic designer to create cartoons. There are many softwares on the web that you could use to create your animations. Lots of major studios utilize the popular Auta desk maya a 3D program. For beginners, the Cinema 4D is the most common. If you do not like to download any program then you can utilize Powtoon online. Powtoon is an online website. As long as you have access to these simple applications, all you need are some photographs and you can start immediately. Play with many designs provided by these websites and soon, you will make your first cartoon.- Funny Animations